This event is to check your imagination to realize your dream, racing with
churning wheels and puffing engine on terrain rarely dreamt about,
robustness of the vehicle to overcome any challenging barrier whatever the environment is.


Mr Ray Breslin has been hired by Federal Bureau of Prisons to test the integrity of the security facilities nationwide.
In the last contract they asked him to test International Detainee Unit which was built according
to the book 'Compromising correctional institution security' written by him. But the things have gone haywire.
He got to know that it was all a setup and he can't use his evacuation code. So, he plans to escape from the facility.
According to him, "Any breaking require three things. Knowing the layout, understanding the routine and help from outside or in".

He seeks help from you, since he know you can help him escape in your robotic vehicle.
He send a message to you with the help from inside.

I need you in here -> 28.9735° N, 77.6404° E, at 10:00 AM sharp on April, 9.
BBQ and Pool party. Don't forget to tell the kids. Bring all the toys.

Use your Grey Matter to rescue him and save his life. You will be having a direct landing in the Babylon with your escape
robotic vehicle (AMPHIBOT). And on your way out you have to cross various obstructions, sand, pebbles, bad weather and hurdles in OCEAN (through water).
You also have two small distance teleporting serum which can be used to skip ANY of the two hurdles on ANY TERRAIN.


  1. Each escape team can have a maximum of 5 team members.
  2. The participants from different colleges and courses can form a team.
  3. The participants should hold a valid College Identity Card.


  1. Maximum Dimension -> 30 x 30 x 20 cm (l x b x h).
    Minimum Dimension -> 15x15x10 cm (l x b x h).
  2. Maximum Diameter of wheels -> 4 inchs.
  3. Maximum 400 RPM motor can be used.
  4. One can use Propeller's.
  5. The robot may be wired or wireless.
  6. The length of the wire (for wired bots) should be long enough to cover the whole track and wire should remain slack during the complete run.
  7. Max weight must not exceed 3 kg.
  8. The power supply maximum up to 18 V can be used.
  9. Readymade toys car are not allowed.
  10. Any kind of motors can be used-industrial high torque motors or simple 12V motor.


    This is racing event so fastest and most balanced robot will win.

  1. Before participation the registration fee should be deposited and only participants will be allowed in arena.
  2. The robot should not damage the POOL/ARENA.
  3. The organizers will provide 230V, 50 Hz DC power supply.
    Any extension cords, eliminators, adaptors or battery box etc. required will have to be arranged by participants themselves
  4. A robot can skip maximum of two hurdles(including both water and land) on the cost of penalty.
  5. The scoring will be based on time. Each penalty corresponds to an addition in time.
  6. Interchangeable body parts/panels is not allowed.
  7. Every team can claim for time out for 2 minute twice at the cost of penalty.
  8. Restart can be taken atmost twice with penalty in scores.
We reserve the right at any time and in our sole discretion, to make changes to the rules and regulations without prior notice.
We reserve the right to disqualify robots at any time if, in our sole opinion, we determine that they are unsafe ,
could damage property, harm other people or out of specifications.


  1. Scoring will be on the bases of time (i.e. bot taking the minimum time will be the winner of each rounds)
  2. For skipping any part, 40 sec will be penalty.
  3. In case of tie in round 2, round 1 score will also be consider.


Each round will have hurdles on land and maximum two water pools.

There is no compulsory hurdle except at least one water hurdle must be completed / crossed in each round.

Round 1 / (2 LEVEL ROUND):

Level-1 Difficulty level => Low
Level-2 Difficulty level => Medium

Round 2/ (1 LEVEL ROUND) :

Difficulty level => High