Build your QUAD COPTER to travel from source to destination crossing
various interruptions, hurdles etc., along the path of journey.


  1. Innovation
  2. Designing
  3. Efficiency
  4. Stabilization
  5. Team Work
  6. Controlling Skills


  1. Complete QUADCOPTER
  2. Quad Frame
  3. Radio Devices
  4. Stabilization Unit
  5. BLDC Motors
  6. ESCs
  7. Propellers
  8. Hooking arrangement for carrying the secret material
  9. GPS sensors
  10. Altitude Locking Mechanism such as IR sensors, Ultrasonic Sensors etc.


  1. The complete QUADCOPTER should be fixed inside the box of dimensions 700*700*300(length*breadth*height). All dimensions are in milimeters(mm.).
  2. The secret material (payload) to the QUADCOPTER will be in the weight ranging from Minimum of 50grams to maximum of 100grams depending upon the final status.
  3. There is no restriction in making use of the QUADCOPTER frame material or the rating of BLDC motors, ESCs , Propellers, Batteries and Weight of QUADCOPTER.
  4. Readymade toy QUADCOPTER kits are strictly restricted


  1. Quad copters are to be build according to the specified dimensions.
  2. The hurdle will be built according to the dimension of the QUAD, no relaxation is provided in case of dimension except specified case.
  3. The performance of the QUAD COPTER in all the stages/Arena will be evaluated individually.
  4. The QUAD COPTER performing EXCELLENT in all the stages overall when put together is declared as winner.
  5. A team can take part with one QUAD.
  6. Replacement of the parts of the QUAD will be allowed in case only if accident occurs.
  7. Timers will be paused at the time of accidents, and not at the Stages/Arena at any cause.(timeouts provided according to the problem arise during flight.).
  8. The retrace of a particular stages/Arena is entertained with some negative points if the problem cannot be troubleshooted/accidents.
  9. Individual participation in flying session of the team memebers will also be evaluated.
  10. If the QUAD is found making damage to the arena, judges reserve rights to eliminate a perticular stage/checkpoint/complete participation.
  11. At the time of Registration team will be given a team name.All communication will be done as per team name.
  12. The organizers reserve right to change any or all of the above rules as they deem fit.Change in rules if any will be specified to participants during competition.
  13. No QUADCOPTER will be given from the organizers side for taking part in the competition. Team deciding to take part should bring their own QUADCOPTER and all the required accessories.


  1. A team should comprise of minimum 1 member and maximum of 5 members.
  2. It is not mendatory that all the members in a group should from the same institute.
  3. A team should bring all the required materials.
  4. No test practice will be allowed in the competition arena but they are providing with seperate arena.
  5. Any team that is not ready at the time specific even after relaxation according to the problem occured will be eliminated from the competition.
  6. Participants should not have any objection on the predefined rules.
  7. Participants shall not be allowed to be part of more than one team.


  1. Properly check for the complete firm connection of QUADCOPTER before entering the competition.
  2. The teams are also responsible for all the materials they bring for the competition.
  3. Judges and co-ordinators team will not be responsible for the accidents/damage that occurs to QUADCOPTER during the competition.
  4. No claim for any participant's materials shall be entertained.


  1. Judges decision will be treated as the final
  2. Arguments are strongly discouraged.
  3. Judges reserves all rights to eliminate the participation of any team who induldge in any informal activities.


  1. The whole championship arena will be divide into various stages of evaluation.
  2. The flying of QUADCOPTER will be from specific Source to Destination.
  3. There will be enough time provided to the team to change the batteries at the completion of every stage. The requirement of time of changing the batteries during the conduct of competition will not be entertained.
  4. The teams can skip the stages in which they think it is not possible for them to complete, all marks of these stages reduce to zero.


  1. In case of any tie occur between the teams during the overall evaluation then the formula racing of the respective teams will be given.
  2. The task is like a knock out race.
  3. The team crossing the finish line first will be awarded winner and the second with the next corresponding position.