Remotely Operated Auto Racers

Roar is one of the furious events to promote and regulate radio-controlled
auto racing for fuel powered model and microcontroller based cars.
Over the years there is more and more of participation and enthusiasm
regarding R/C car racing and it has gained considerable importance in
R/C events, which resulted in the evolution of ROAR


  1. Net time of completing the circuit will be considered for qualifying.
  2. If your car is deviated from the track then penalty will be imparted to the total time and you have to restart
    from the last checkpoint.
  3. If your car is flipped or turned upside down then penalty will be added to the total timing and again you have
    to start from the last checkpoint.
  4. Arena have intricate hurdles and obstructions, for crossing each hurdle you will be awarded bonus point
    according to difficulty of the hurdle.
    For instance, -2 sec will be added to total time after crossing each speed breaker.
  5. If you want to skip any hurdle then penalty of time will be added to the total time according to the difficulty
    of hurdle. For e.g. maximum time of +20 sec will be added to the total time to skip a hurdle.
  6. Participants shortlisted will be proceeded to the further rounds.
  7. Winner will be the one who consummates the circuit with minimum timing in each round.
  8. Team members should be not more than 5.
  9. Registration of teams with a Team Name is mandatory.
  10. Any kind of biasing or prejudiced action if found will result in instant disqualification.


  1. Width = 3 feet
  2. Length = 50 meters
  3. Unevenly distributed


LENGTH (B) Maximum 457.2 mm
WIDTH Maximum 250 mm
HEIGHT Maximum 203.2mm
WHEELBASE (A) Maximum 292 mm
WEIGHT Maximum 1613 gms
WHEELS (overall Dia.) Maximum 61.468 mm
TIRES (dia.) Maximum 90 mm