About Us

M.I.E.T group of Institutions proudly announces yet another season of NATIONAL LEVEL ROBOTICS COMPETITION. ROBOCHAMPS, a Robotics competition organized with a vision to give a platform, an opportunity to all the Roboenthusiasts to give wings to their Robotics desires. An yearly event organized to search the best ROBOCHAMPION in various robotics competitions. ROBOCHAMPS is an opportunity to bring life to your creativity and innovative ideas and win exciting prizes worth rupees 1 lakh and national robotics certification. RC’16 a successful ROBOCHAMP HUNT held on 9-10 April, 2016 involved different shades of Robotics talents which were a true source of learning and exploring different fascinating areas of Robotics –


The flagship event of RC’16 was ROBORACE ROAR where all the fast and furious robots tried all the possible equations to race out the track and win over each other. All you need is a robot with “MORE SPEED, MORE POWER IN MINIMUM TIME.”
Another event that droves the mind of everyone was AMPHIBOT to see the homo sapiens making run their amphibian bots. A unique and interesting event of one of its own kind in which the Robochamps manages to run their bots on rough and uneven terrains as well as in water. DIFFERENT TERRAINS WITH SINGLE BRAIN.
Another event was SILK ROUTE a simple line follower robot. All you need to win over different routes is to traverse your bot on the black bold line and solve the maze mysteries in shortest paths and minimum time. PROGRAM IT AND SET IT TO READY STEADY AND GO.
Last but not the least the last event was QUADHUNT, an event held in search of the best quad-copter and best quad-pilot that has the capability to pilot the quad through difficult stages and win by their skilled controls, precision and perfection.

RC’16 was a successful start with many ROBOCHAMPS, this time yet again we are back for all robotics aspirants to DREAM, DARE AND DO and to learn and win NATIONAL ROBOTICS EVENTS with fascinating prizes and certificates.