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MIET proudly announced that MIET has SAP Next-Gen LAB [Also updated on official SAP website (sap.com)]

Meerut Institute of Engineering & Technology (MIET), Meerut is an SAP University Alliance member in India

Meerut Institute of Engineering & Technology (MIET) proudly announces their newest collaboration with the SAP on the SAP University Alliances Program in India. SAP University Alliances program opens up a world of SAP to all the students worldwide. This newest collaboration of MIET provides institute faculty members and students with a competitive edge through exposing them to tools and resources needed to teach/learn how technology enables business process integration to obtain strategic advantage. This valuable opportunity will equip our students with a unique skill set which will add immediate value to the marketplace. The SAP University Alliances program is a global initiative with more than 3,300 member institutions in over 110+ countries worldwide. Through this program, SAP provides opportunities for both academicians as well as students to experience the SAP technologies and learning contents.

The program enables institute to integrate SAP course into the institute curriculum and offer hands on experience for the students to become industry ready graduates.

Under this SAP-UA program, a TTT (Train-the Trainer) workshop is was conducted by SAP master trainer Professor Ramesh Behl, Director IMI Bhubaneshwar at MIET campus wherein 25 faculty members successfully completed the SAP-Train the Trainer workshop and got the certificate from SAP.

Now MIET is now ready to train its students, so the students here enjoy the experiential learning environment with hands-on practice on core modules of SAP and their integration.

SAP provides MIET with?

SAP provides software licensing for teaching purpose (via a hosted software model platform called University Competency Center). The institute has access to curriculum materials and academic exchange events. On regular basis Faculty workshops, Faculty Training and Certification is conducted. It is also a networking platform which often happens through Regional Academic Conference. Also, it provides access to SAP Products and authorized datasets in a hosted environment.



SDP Summer Training



SAP Hackathon