Meerut Insitute of Engineering and Technology is a single tree with many roots and branches and stay inn hearts of it students and alumni.

The MIET Alumni Foundation(MAF) brings together over 15,000 alumni of the MIET and plays an active role in the life of the College. Formed in the year 2006, MAF has been a light bearer for all it's students and alumni network. Every year we welcome new batches graduating from different programs and join our Alumni Foundation.

The Foundation hosts events that offer alumni opportunities for networking and reconnection. These events range from seminars,formal conferences and receptions to informal gatherings, cultural activities, and work-life balance events.  

The Foundation manages an alumni contact database, providing ex-students access to the "Alumni Who’s Who" via deaprtment coordinators .

Younger alumni can benefit from the experience and guidance of senior alumni, particularly through our mentoring program. 

Alma Connect

Thematic groups have recently emerged as hubs for the
Association’s specialized activities.

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